Who we are?

We inspire Dreamers.

We make Believers.

We Connect partners.

We are a Filipino corporation establish to provide innovative venues of collaboration among the government-industry-academe stakeholders in Western Visayas to improve decision making on careers, skills gap, and workforce development. We have a network of academic institutions, companies and volunteers committed to provide resources, technology and service to create a community of passionate & highly skilled manpower in the region.

Core Values


Passion for Excellence




Why we do this?

Our advocacy is to address education and job-skill mismatch, connect and improve the availability and access to local market information on skills demand forecasts and school performance through the voluntary sharing of relevant information among stakeholders in real time.


"To ignite inherent passion and instill shared values that would arouse the youth to lead a purposeful life by providing an environment for practical learning."

"We GO inspire students to DREAM.

We GO help them BELIEVE it is possible.

We GO CONNECT them to achieve their dreams."


To be the primary tool of the government, industry and academe for engaging and supporting the growth of the community.