Click, Motivate, and Empower: Creation of DBC Website

November 24, 2016

With the desire to connect the academe and the industry, DBC is now in the creative stage to establish a website that encourages and expose students to different industries. Currently, the team desires to make the website a venue of information sharing that motivates students to enter an industry that will fit their interest and educational background.

Dream Believe Connect, Inc (DBC, Inc.), aims to address job mismatch in the present educational sphere. The organization also believes in the power of information technology that could connect different fields especially the field of education and the vast landscape of business industries. Moreover, DBC aims to create activities that will expose students to different industries present in their nearest location.

Students are one click away to learn from the best industries. The website will perform the task of informing students and will provide them with the opportunity to enter their desired industry for possible apprenticeship opportunities. With this site, the possibility of having their dream job is one click away. This endeavor is one way of motivating students and empowering them to choose their profession in the future.

This website that will host database of students and industries will benefit the economic sector, the academe, and the local government in their advocacy to improve the quality of life through local employment.

DBC aims to launch the website this coming February 2017 in line with the apprenticeship/on-the-job training needs of students in the second semester.

Dreams will now be fulfilled in just one click.