Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DBC?

Dream Believe Connect, Inc. (DBC) is a social enterprise founded in 2016 aspiring to build a community as venue for collaboration both social and virtual, where the academe, industry and government can converge for workforce development producing passionate, excellent, innovative, and diligent young people with skills and competencies needed by the industries.

Why was it established?

Dream Believe Connect, Inc. was founded in 2016 by our President Mr. Allen Son Tan. He believes that when students are encouraged to dream about a bright future, with hard work, right connections and dedication, we can make them strong believers of their capacity as individuals to achieve their full potential. DBC aims to create an online community and venues of partnership that will provide solutions in ending job skills mismatch, youth unemployment, and inefficiency in accessing information on jobs, through government, academe, and industry partnerships for workforce development.

What do we do?

Dream Believe Connect, Inc. aims to build a community of passionate, excellent, innovative, and diligent young people with skills and competencies needed by the industries. We offer activities for students to interact with industries that will cater their professional needs in the future. DBC facilitates the following activities:

  •        Dreamers Camp
    • Dreamers Camp is an event designed to guide students to their desired careers and expose them to different companies in Western Visayas.
  •        Web-based Data Management System
    • DBC offers an online community that will connect government, academe, and industry that pursues solutions to end job skills mismatch through industry partnerships and personal development. The website also improves the availability and accessibility to skills supply and demand data through voluntary sharing of relevant information among our stakeholders in real time.
  •        Industry Tour
    • Industry Tour is an activity that will expose students to different companies in order to awaken their passion to pursue professional careers in their chosen field of interest.
  •        Industry Immersion
    • Industry Immersion is an activity that will foster learning through actual work experience in a chosen company. Students will be able to interact, engage, and solve problems in a real time working environment. Through immersion, the industry will be able to share their expertise and be a venue for learning to boost student potentials as competent workforce when they graduate.

Why do we do this?

Our advocacy is to address job-skill mismatch, improve the availability and accessibility to skills and demand information through voluntary sharing of relevant information among our stakeholders in real time.

Who can be a student member of DBC?

DBC only caters to Senior High School, third year, fourth year, fifth year, and graduating students from DBC Partner Schools.

How can I become a member of DBC?

Ask your school administrators if your school is a DBC partner. If it is, register in our website and accomplish the data needed for registration. Don't forget to check and register the name of your school. After registration, wait for the confirmation from your school's registrar or IT department. If you received a DBC member confirmation message through your email and personal mobile number, then you are now an official DBC member!

Note: A student must have an active email and mobile phone number before accomplishing registration to DBC.

Can the Alumnus of DBC Partner High Schools, Colleges, and Universities join DBC activities and services?

Currently, DBC activities only caters to Grades 9 and 10 of the Junior High School, Senior High School, 3rd year college, 4th year college, 5th year college, and graduating students of our partner academic institutions.

How can we know that there are DBC activities?

Registered DBC students will receive an event announcement on their mobile phone numbers and emails. DBC students can also see event postings on their DBC website accounts.

How can I join DBC activities?

A DBC student can join DBC activities by clicking the join event button on the Events page of his/her DBC account. After joining, the student will receive a confirmation message through email and mobile number.

Do you provide trainings for members of the faculty?

Currently, our program does not include formal skills training for the faculty but we will not close doors on having these kind of activities in the future.